My name is Scott and I’m a loving father of two girls and a faithful husband of 19-years (at the time of writing this page). I decided to create this blog to share some aspects of my fatherhood, which encompasses many "best dad in the world moments," including 'best dad jokes,' 'best dad gifts.' Additionally, I feel it’s pertinent to share some areas of my marital moments because I want my daughters to see what a happy marriage can be and it all starts with setting the example for them.

The name “Epic Dad” came about after hearing my daughters mentioned some of my actions and manners as being “epic.” This is a slang term for something cool and extraordinary. For example, when I leave for my workouts, my daughters comment, “Daddy’s going out to be epic again!” Another aspect that my daughters see as "epic" is that I'm a former Navy SEAL.  I don't see it that way, but I suppose it provides a slight cool factor to say, "My dad is a former SEAL." What I like about my background is I'm able to teach my girls hand-to-hand combatives and how to implement situational awareness in their environment.  Basically, recognize hazardous conditions and scenarios.

All photos of my daughters are of a young age (they’re in their teens now) and look quite different from today (I also purposely kept many grainy and unsharpened). I’m big on situational awareness and safety for my girls, so I do not post current photos of them. The reason I post real family photos is because they capture true moments of what I’m wring about, instead of some canned royalty-free stock photo that doesn’t really draw my readers in.

I hope you enjoy my blog and send me a comment on my social media outlets.

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