My Daughter's Initial College Appointment

My oldest daughter recently had her first college appointment with her college counselor.  A big day for sure, so I wanted to ensure she was taken care of and not being forced into classes that she wasn't sure about or simply wasn't ready for enrolling in her first semester (such as statistics).  Additionally, I wanted to be her side to help calm her nerves. It was one of those "hurry up and wait" moments, where we met the appointment time (actually, we were 5-minutes early as I'm teaching my daughters that showing up 5-minutes early is "on time.").  We were then told to wait for our counselor in the waiting area.  It felt like we were in a dentist's office.

Anyhow, as the counselor opened the door and called my daughter's name, she looked at my as I stood up and had a perplexed look on her face. I informed her I was my daughter's father and yet, she still look dumbfounded. Strange. Once we sat down in her office, she looked at my daughter's file and asked if this was her second semester.  My daughter and I glanced at one another and my daughter stated that she was still in high school and this was her initial counseling session.  Then the counselor had that "ah-ha" moment and understood why I was there.  She remarked that she doesn't normally see parents accompanying their kids to these appointments. Really?  I would think all parents would want to be there, since this was a huge step in their kid's life.

Once last thing to add, which my daughter and I thought was amusing; the college counselor asked my daughter as we were walking to her office if it's fine to have me, her father, view access to her college file.  I understand there are many "emancipated minors" out there, but not in our household.  My girls are still under the protection and guidance of her mom and dad.