I'm Never Too Old to Have Fun With My Daughters

I'm never too old to have fun with my daughters.  If they want me to watch a funny video, throw a Frisbee, dance, or even go on amusement park rides, I'm game!

The way I see it, these are the moments that they'll always remember about their time with papa.  It may seem trivial to us adults, but I still remember quite vividly, all the times my parents took me to the mall, watched my soccer games and attended every school event, such as Halloween, Christmas plays, etc.

Now that my daughters are teenagers, I still have fun with them.  When my oldest daughter asks me to ride with her in her car to go to the supermarket, I always say yes.  We have great chats and it's our special time to simply converse and bond.  We laugh and poke fun at one another, as well as it allows me time to provide her with great life lessons of how to deal with tough situations and the best path towards making the best decisions.

My youngest daughter and I also have those special times. They occur, during our driving lessons and often, we simply sit in her room and chat.  She used to go to the park with me and practice Parkour (being that she was a competitive gymnast at the time).  We would laugh at our mistakes and applaud our achievements of landing that cool move!

I know they'll always cherish these moments, as will I.