Taking Care of Our Dogs

We consider our pets as part of the family and I think of them as my kids. Although at times, they can be a "pain-in-the-a$$," they truly bring joy into my family's lives. Being a dad to them involves not only feeding and washing them, but tending to their needs in dire times (as any dad would; I would like to believe).

I remember one time when I gave some bacon-like treats to our doggies and as our poodle started to eat them, one piece was a little stale and she tried to swallow it whole, instead of chewing on it.  It lodged in her throat.  I was scary to see her rear up on her hind legs and use her front paws to attempt to rub her mouth as it to get the bacon piece out of her throat.  She was literally choking right in front of us.  I immediately sprung into action and used some of my medical-training for infants on our poodle.  I placed her chest and face into my hand and begun to forcefully tap her back between her shoulders to see if the bacon would become lose.  Nothing. I then turned her over, opened her mouth and commenced with finger-sweeping down towards her throat.  After a couple of sweeps, I hooked the bacon piece with my index finger and pulled it free.

Another dire time was when my pug developed an ulcer on his face (presumably from a spider bite).  It was so bad, that it started to ooze a nasty wet substance and a little pus.  As it was getting larger and started to close one of his eyes, I began to contact veterinarians in preparation of a visit to them.  He begged to go outside to drink some water and when he wanted to come back into the house, his ulcer smacked one of my shoe eyelets and, "POP!"  The ulcer exploded!  Blood and pus was everywhere (pretty gross).  I couldn't let the nastiness deter me from aiding him however.  I grabbed his face and proceeded to squeeze the rest of the bad stuff out of his face.  He whimpered a bit, but afterwards the swelling quickly disappeared and he could start to see better.  My wife and I watched over him for a few days and cleaned his face every few hours.  After a week, his wound started healing to a close and he was back to normal.

Our pets rely on us to take care of them and as a result, they're always happy to see us and lift our spirits when we are down.  Pets rock!