Don't Conform to Social Norms

In keeping my intent of having my daughters be "free thinkers" and not conform to social norms, this is a good example of such. Not always, but often enough, I like to have a beer, during my weekend morning hours after my exercise workout regimen. Who says I can't? Just because society frowns upon such (well some folks at least), doesn't mean that I should conform to their thinking. People drink Mimosas, Bloody Mary's and KahlĂșa coffees all the time for breakfast anyhow. Why should a beer be any different?

Getting back to the point of "not conforming to social norms," my actions mostly speak louder than my words and my daughters observe them, as they are a product of their environment. I'm careful however; to ensure they understand my actions and to not take them at face value (like in this case). It's not about drinking a beer in the morning, rather....yep, you guessed it..."don't conform to social norms" and think for yourselves.  :)