We Don't Follow Traditions

I've never been too much into traditions.  Just because I did thing a certain way when I grew up, doesn't necessarily mean my daughters should follow suit. I want them to be "free thinkers" and freely choose their own customs or beliefs. I also want my girls to be comfortable with "change."  Most people fear change, but it's necessary to evolve and to fully enjoy life.  With change, you always have something to look forward to. 

I have taught them that being spontaneous is fun and exciting!  There have been many times, I would pick them up from school and make a detour to an ice-cream shop or straight to the beach, rather than the same old schedule of homework, television, iPhone, etc. This goes for traditions of what and where we eat as well. We don't have a traditional dish or time to eat.  My wife and I continuously change up the menu, even to the point of having our girls help cook.  So what if they mess it up. It's the experience that matters and we can always correct a recipe (it's only food).

We do some of the same routines for holidays, such as Christmas though. We like opening presents at home next to the tree, but don't consider it a tradition in the aspect of adhering to a custom. We just go with the flow and enjoy each other's company. We used to go to a pumpkin patch each year with some past friends, but stopped doing so as it started to be a pain-in-the-ass, due to the crowds at the farm growing the pumpkins and having to align our schedules with everyone else.

In the end, we plan our schedules each year, per year and don't follow any customs merely because it's "tradition."  We remember those who have passed and cherish the memories we had with them and do so not because of our faith, but because we love them.