Stop Eating Because You're Bored!

My wife and I are raising our daughters to live a healthy lifestyle and it starts with their eating habits. I eat vegan (have done so for 8-years) and my wife is vegetarian.  We don't force our daughters to eat the same, but they are a product of their environment and as a benefit, they eat an 80% plant-based diet with the other 20% going to snacks and the occasional chicken nuggets or In-N-Out burger. Either way, we tell them that calories are calories and if you don't burn them off, they'll turn into fat cells.  Eating because they're bored is something we're constantly on them about, although they are teen-agers and have growing appetittes, but snacking simply because it gives them something to do is a habit we're successfully in the progress of breaking.

I'm also not shy about warning them that they'll puff-up like a muffin if they eat too much. Food is sustenance, not an extracurricular activity and they don't have to eat that much.  I remind them to condition their bodies to stay within a 2,000 calorie per day diet (depending on their exercise schedule).  Having their faces buried into their iPhones is also a munchy inducer.  Similar to watching a movie and having that nice candy or popcorn, they feel like they need to have munchies to scroll through their social media pages.  This is where I point out to them that their mother and I are raising them like "80's girls," so go outside and do something (e.g., walk with friends, visit other friends, go to the mall, etc.) and get off their damn phones!

Anyhow, I digress. My girls are learning about their their caloric intake and are becoming more aware of their eating habits.  Sometimes, you just have to be upfront with them, say the truth, no matter how much it may hurt.  I always do so with an arm around them however. :)