So What if You Mess It Up. That’s All Part of Innovating.

The other day, my oldest daughter begun to learn how to cook her own food through recipes that were comprised of many ingredients. The core question she had was, "What if I mess it up?"  My response: "What if you don't? Besides, what's the worst that could happen?  Uh...start over?"  This relaxed her and she realized that a recipe is essentially innovating, which takes on risk and that nothing ventured equates to nothing achieved.

I'm teaching my girls to be "free thinkers" and to be proactive on innovating at their own will. As long as safety is always take in account, I don't want them to exhibit feebleness, hesitancy, or tears.  I always aspire to instill in them that in order to be great, you have to push the limits towards greatness.  Some analogies I like to help them understand to centers around gymnastics, since they can intimately relate to it (being that they were in the sport for many years). I explain to them that if it were not for the innovation of the foam pit, today's gymnastics feats would not have arose.  It took some "forward thinking" to realize that if you could alleviate much of the safety risks in learning the astounding flips, rotations and twists, while landing, then they eventually could be taken to more rigid surfaces like the spring floor and landing mats.

Making mistakes is fine, as long as you learn from them in order to keep progress moving forward.