Situational Awareness

I train my daughters in "Situational Awareness," which means they are aware of their surroundings and the impending dangers that may be lurking around each corner.  This ranges from out of control vehicle drivers and strang persons walking at them tem or loitering near their path of walking.  They have trained their minds to not be paranoid, rather always remain in a heightening posture of ready-action.

When I'm walking with them and I see a strange person on our path, while walking on a city sidewalk, I have them shift over and I place myself between them and this strange person.  Additionally, when they're walking ahead of me, I follow them closely and off slightly to a side of where a potential bad person (i.e., pick-pocketer, purse grabber, etc.) would snatch-grab-and go.  This way I can immediately block and combat the bad person.

Anything can happen in an urban environment, so I have to be ready to react quickly to protect my girls.  Often enough, usually, it only takes "the eye of the tiger" to let people know I'm their dad and I don't FU@! around when it comes to there wellbeing.