Daughters Quotes: OMG! Dad...You Listen to Taylor Swift?

One method of relaxation I like to go through is to listen to music before I go to sleep at night. I have several YouTube Music playlists ranging from 80's Latin Freestyle, 80's Hair Bands, Pop, Alternative Rock, Trap, Dubstep, and "Emo" (Emotional Jams). I decided to browse through some recommended songs from the app and stumbled upon a cool song by Taylor Swift, which is titled, "Mean."  It's a catchy tune, but one you would listen to alone in your car and hope none of your friends, let alone your daughters find out that you listen to it.  Well, since my family shares our YouTube premium account (no advertisements), they found this song in my playlist, as well as within my playback history.

For several weeks, I never heard the end of their laughter and harassing remarks. When I walk into our living room, that song suddenly played on our Sonos speaker system, with hysterical laughter coming from upstairs.  Additionally, now when I enforce some household or school rules, they respond, "Why you go to be so MEAN?"