Letting My Daughters Be Kids

Throughout the past years of my wife and I raising our two daughters, there has always been the social pressures of school, sports, appointments, busy schedules, events, etc.  One area we always ensured that our girls had plenty of time to devote within their lives is "HAVE THEM BE A KID."

School isn't everything, as well as the pressure to get noticed in sports.  I feel the most valued aspect of raising my daughters is to ensure they enjoy each segment of the lives as they grow up.  Being kid and having fun with friends, acting silly, etc., is a major part of growing up and I don't want them to miss out on it.  Take for instance summertime:  My daughters have many friends who volunteered to attend summer school, so they can get ahead in their scholastics and obtain those extra classes to boost their GPA.  Whatever happened to enjoying summer break?

When I grew up, summer break was anticipated and extremely enjoyed.  Hanging out with friends, going to the beach or attending pool parties were some of the highlights of my childhood and I still  reminisce of those good times.  I want my girls to create those memories as well.  Scholastics will never end (even as a business executive today, I'm still going through scholastic courses), but their childhoods eventually will, so they must cherish every ounce of it and know that their mom and dad created an environment for them to do so.