I Attended Every Gymnastics Meet

Gymnastics was our family's sport of choice, which constituted thousands of gymnastics classes.  My daughters started when they were 5-years of age and continued all the way up until high school and I attended every gymnastics meet!  Not only did I enjoy watching my girls perform, but it was also good for them to see their daddy in the crowd, which boosted their confidence. It also made them feel secure knowing that their daddy was there to take control of any injury situations which could arise.  My youngest daughter suffered a severe ankle sprain after landing wrong after conducting a round-off, double back handspring to a back tuck. I was there to pick her up and carry her on my back to our vehicle and off to the urgent care clinic.

Sure, many of the gymnastics meets were long and drawn out (in a four hour meet, my daughters performed just a few minutes, due to the rotation schedule) and made my butt sore sitting in the bleachers, but it was worth it to see them on the champions' podium receiving their medals. They would always look for my wife and I in the crowd and give us the biggest smile!  No matter what medal position they won or any at all, I would always give them a hug and tell them I was proud of them.  After all, it wasn't about the sport or medal placement.  It was about my daughters learning life lessons, such as being able to perform in front of large crowds, testing their hard work from those 3-hour long/3-days a week practices towards the actual meet, and going through the aches, pains and joys along with their friends (most of which my daughters still keep in touch with).