Food, Water, Clothing, & Shelter

I would say the number one area of fatherhood, which makes me feel like a man is providing for my family.  This encompasses food, water, clothing and shelter. (Safety is right behind, but I can't always be there at every moment to protect my daughters, so I give them the tools to be able to protect themselves). We've been through some hard financial times and thanks to my wife, we were always able to work a budget to provide for our daughters.

I take great pride in going grocery shopping with my wife (even at times alone by myself) and get an immense sense of satisfaction of bringing home the groceries and placing them within our cupboards and refrigerator. The world's becoming more difficult place to raise a family these days and just knowing that my girls aren't going hungry, have clothes on their back, and a roof over their head provides me a sigh of relief. I fully understand those family's who live a subsistence life and why those dad's get the same type of satisfaction providing for their family.  I would like to add, even for those 'stay at home' dads, they take care of business by cooking meals, taking their kids to the store to shop for clothes, and ensuring the bills are paid on time.  I applaud them and feel they have a similar feeling of satisfaction. It's of my opinion that a dad's "manlihood" should center around taking care of his family!