Does My Dad Even Have Rhythm?

My daughters love to dance (they must get it from their mother). They dance around the house, when they cheer at football games and even at father-daughter school dances. The funny thing with these father-daughter dances though; they require dads to dance.  Some dads can "cut a rug," but my daughters would say, "Does my dad even have rhythm?" Most of the time I joke about and make my daughters laugh with my ridiculous antics and funky dance moves, but my daughters are correct: I have no rhythm. In fact, I really don't like to dance, but do so for my little ladies.

At one of our father-daughter dances, when my youngest daughter was in 4th grade, the theme was "Hippies and Love."  All of the decorations revolved around this, even how we dressed for the occasion.  All through the dance (roughly 2-hours), there was food, drinks, and fun dance-move contests.  As you would dance, the DJ would walk around and tap you on the shoulder if you and your daughter were dancing well.  This led up to the end competion of a dance-off!

Ten fathers and their daughters lined up in front of the entire school and took their turns in dancing a 30-second segment. The best dance pair would win a prize if they received the loudest cheers from the rest of the fathers and daughters.  When it came to our turn, we danced a 1960's type shuffle, then I flipped my daughter upside-down in a swing like fashion, then tossed her straight up in the air.  She must of flew up at least 8-feet up at the top of her head and when she dropped back down, I caught her and we continued to dance.  The crowd went berserk!  Needless to say, my daughter was one of the popular girls that evening and was the talk of the day the following Monday at school.  There's no such thing of being embarrassed if your girls want you to help them win the dance-off. :)